A few fun Frisbee phrases for nerds

Throughout my time at Carleton I have dabbled in the world of intramural (IM) Ultimate Frisbee. I played on a few different teams early in college, but became loyal to the computer science IM team (the Floppy Discs) later in my college career.

One of the most delightful things about that team is the CS-Frisbee jokes. For instance, a popular chant went:

– “What do we want??”

– “Score++ !”

– “When do we want it??”

– “time.now() !”

Being something of a nerdy pun aficionado (I sometimes tell people “everything I learn, I learn it for the jokes!”) I found myself sometimes getting distracted during games, struggling to piece together elaborate wordplay at the intersection of CS & Ultimate.ven diagram: cs, frisbee, these jokes

Anyway: here a few of my concoctions:

  • Whenever you call playerName.huck(), they return a long (with a whole lot of precision!)
  • I think instead of a stack, we should try implementing a heap. That way, it’ll be easy for us to go to the max.
  • I think playerName is a recursive Fibonacci function with memoization implemented, because they go really deep and still run really fast.
  • The other team says the disk was out of bounds so the point was null, but I think it was totally boolean!
  • Come on people, focus! We’re playing like a neural network right now— no one understands what we’re doing.
  • If we’re gonna win this thing, we’re gonna have to refactor some of our loops into higher order functions, so we run faster.
  • We had a pretty bad merge conflict out there when two players committed at the same time: nothing a little force push couldn’t resolve.

To any fellow CS loving Ultimate players out there… please use these, and tell me if you come up with some more!

CC BY-NC 4.0 A few fun Frisbee phrases for nerds by Dustin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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