Spotted in Stockholm [Blurb]

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Spotted in Stockholm: a large, mixed-gender public restroom. Because pissing is pissing– it isn’t sexual or scandalous– and there is no harm in pooping near people with junk that differs from your own. But liberation from antiquated sex-segregating social norms evidently comes at a cost. Specifically, a 10 kronor ($1.50) entrance fee.

public toilet in Stockholm

A Note About “Black Lives Matter” [Blurb]

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — It seems to me that the BlackLivesMatter movement is anti-cop in the same way a “clean the river” campaign is anti-river. The activists behind a “clean the river” campaign don’t hate rivers, or think rivers are evil. Rather, they want to remove the toxins and wastes within the river that pose a threat to their community. They want to see the river transformed into a source of comfort and serenity, instead of something to fear and avoid. If a maniac with a bulldozer began dumping sand in the river, yelling “I hate rivers! Destroy all rivers!” we could not reasonably consider him an ally or disciple of the “clean the river” campaign.