Notes on Forming a Bandana in College

Excerpts from my diary, on the process of forming a bandana in college:

January 14, 2015
I was in a bandana for a while back in high school, but then I graduated and I guess we just sort of went our separate ways. I imagined getting into a bandana again once I started college, but I’ve had trouble finding one that really suits me. None of the bandanas around here are really my style, ya know? Oh well.

February 8, 2015
A friend of mine pointed out that I don’t have to wait around until I stumble upon my dream bandana– I could form my own from scratch! I think this is a great idea. I already put an ad up on Craigslist, and made posters to hang on bulletin boards around campus:

College student looking for some dedicated, yet laid back fellas to help me form a bandana! I already own most of the necessary equipment… just need a few bandana mates willing to meet a couple times a week and make this thing happen. Call me!

Exciting stuff!

February 28, 2015
I am pleased to announce that several people replied to my call to action, and I have finally formed a bandana ofBruce Springsteen playing guitar my own! Man, it feels great to be in a bandana again.

I’ve been thinking… some people get into bandanas to express themselves creatively or even find spiritual fulfillment or whatever. Some even want to get famous by being in bandanas. But I’m not really interested in any of that. I’m not tryin to be the next Bruce Springsteen or anything. For me, it’s mostly just about image. You know what I mean? I like having people know I’m a guy that’s in a bandana. Makes me feel cool. Maybe being in a bandana will even help me get laid!

March 25, 2015
Well. All good things must come to end, I suppose. After approximately one month– one beautiful, blissful month– the bandana fell apart. I loved that bandana, I built it from the ground up, after all! But the bonds that held the whole thing together just weren’t strong enough to withstand the test of time, I guess. Maybe someday I’ll try forming a bandana once again– a new one, a better one. But for now I’m going to let rest me bandana aspirations and try to focus on other parts of the college experience. I tip my hat to those that manage to pull off the delicate and complex (but tremendously rewarding) act of forming a bandana while they’re in college.

Note: Creative collaboration on this piece was provided by Caleb Braun.

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