[Original Song] Ode to HD 40307g

While doing some research for a blog post that I will probably never publish, (a fate that befalls most of the blogs I start to write,) I learned that scientists have recently discovered a planet that could be habitable by humans. My initial reaction, sadly enough, was something along the lines of “hey, that’s great, because when we trash this one, we’ll have another in store.”

I felt that concept could make for an interesting song, and when I realized the “D” and the “g” in the planet’s name basically rhyme, making the name sing-able, I decided it had to be done.

This is my ode to the poetically named and utterly ineffable HD 40307g.

(Note: The video at the start is from “slatester,” the Slate News Chanel.)



It’s the year 2073
And the world’s no longer habitable by you or by me me
So it’s pretty clear we’ll simply have to leave
We’re headed for HD 40307g

Verse 1:

Well we polluted all the air and water
And we paved over all the soil
And we chopped down the trees, and we wiped out the bees
And we slurped up all the oil

We debated and fought
Till the politicians got
What the corporations paid em for
And now we can’t live here anymore…


But we still got HD 40307g
Yeah we got HD 40307g
Yeah we still got HD 40307g
And there’s only 42 light years in between


Well it’s a pity about those spacious skies
And amber waves of grain
But I don’t feel too much guilt, cause the things that we built
Looked much better anyway
We were sure living smooth
For a moment or two
Before the planet sent us away
But hey man, that’s okay


Cause we got HD 40307g
Yeah we still got HD 40307g
Yeah we still got HD 40307g
And there’s only 42 light years in between


And I know
We’ve been overly materialistic
We’ve been stubbornly unrealistic

And I know
Our greed and laziness is self-destructive
Our way of life is utterly disruptive

And I know
We could have learned to live sustainably
If we hadn’t fought incessantly

And we hadn’t clung so desperately
To our profits and our luxuries
And we’d tried to work more as a team
And now we still haven’t learned these things

[Hey, there it is]


You know I’m talking bout HD 40307g
Yeah I’m talkin bout HD 40307g
Oh I’m talking bout HD 40307g

It might be exactly what we need
A new start for humanity
This time we’ll live in harmony
With the animals and trees
Yes we’ll live sustainably
So our new home will always be

HD 40307g

[Hey, I got dibs on the oil] [Like hell you do!] [Gun Shot] [Screams]

…Yeah, on second thought….. we’re gonna exploit this place to shit….

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